If you do any type of marketing online you definitely know that traffic can be a headache.

We’ve made a traffic machine I think you’ll dig!

McLinko is a platform that allows you the marketing guru to search up a keyword you want to target and it’ll search across YouTube to find broken urls and expired domains that you can buy or reregister with your own registrar.

We are excited to help you build a better business online moving forward!


Features At A Glance

Find Broken Social Links

Often times, channels rebrand and create new social media accounts.

However, it takes too much time to go through all their videos to change their Facebook and Instagram links to point to the new page.

YouTube videos still keep getting views month and even years after they were created, and these links are still getting clicked, but unfortunately the user will get a 404 page. That is traffic that they are missing out on, but you could take advantage of.


Easy To Use Interface

From your dashboard, you can quickly see your recent searches and how many broken links you have found.
Here, you can enter your search term and trigger new searches. The searches run in the background so you can turn your computer off knowing they will have finished when you come back to them later.

Search Complete Channels

Let's say you have found a broken link that may provide a lot of traffic. However, you don't know how many times that link appears in the other videos on the channel. It may be once. It may be on every video.

McLinko takes the guesswork out of the equation by allowing you to analize all the links on all the videos on a channel, and telling you how many times that link is broken.

If it's only broken on one video it may not be worth investigating further. However, if it is broken over 250 videos, that is a lot of free traffic you could be getting.


Get our launch deal!

To celebrate the launch of McLinko, we are offering the Pro package for the price of the Basic package.

That is, unlimited searches and 999 channel searches per month, for the bargain price of only $9.95!

Simply select the Launch Deal when you register. Hurry, this won't last forever.

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Our Pricing

We understand that everyones needs and usage will be different.
This is why we have created three pricing levels.


Unlimited Searches

No Channel Searches


Depending on YouTube api quota usage


Unlimited Searches

One Channel Search/Month


Depending on YouTube api quota usage


Unlimited Searches

999 Channel Searches/Month


Depending on YouTube api quota usage

YouTube set a daily quota for API usage. The unlimited searches on your account is only limited by your quota. See the YouTube API documents for more information.